Koester je vrienden.


I looked at the stars above
Then I saw a shining star
The star was filled with love
But I couldn't catch it
it was too far.

I just want to hold it
Hold it in my hand
I was sad, just a little bit
Cause I know You're my friend.

You're my shining star
The greatest ever
Cause I love you
and that forever.
You're my best friend
I know you're far away
but not for me
Cause you're in my heart
and there you'll always stay.

The star said; I'm getting older
There is a day I'm going to fall
I said Just trust me and lean on my shoulder
Cause you're the best of all.
You're the best friend I've ever had
you know how to make me happy when i'm sad
You gave me lots of love
And now I know there will always be a friend
I just have to look at the stars above.

You gave me more thrust in life
you gave me power to survive
I will love you untill the end
Because I can say; I have a friend.

You're the best I've ever met
you're the one I never forget
You're the one that makes me happy
You had the trust in me.

You gave my life a new start
and if i want to see you
I just have to open a window
the window of my heart.

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